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Intelligent washing machine solution
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An ordinary washing machine + weighing system = intelligent washing machine
Time:2016-11-05    Read:1870 Time

Your peers in the market are producing washing machines that can be washed
Valentine 's Weighing Solution System
Can bring your customers not the same experience: as long as he will be thrown into the clothes washing machine, click the start button, from the no need to control, the washing machine can automatically calculate the weight of clothes according to how much water, put the number of laundry liquid, what What washing method to wash, how long to take, what kind of need to dry and dry how long

As long as your company has a certain R & D innovation ability, hoping to share the future of the smart market feast, want to quickly upgrade the existing traditional products to capture the market, please choose Hualan Hai electrical measurement, we will provide you with the overall intelligent weighing Solution, so that your products quickly from China to create a gorgeous transformation of China Zhi Zhi, so that your products become a leading fashion and future high-tech products!

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